Sorry, but I am not sure how to compile it from the command line :-(
Till some time ago I used the Visual studio with its great IDE but now due to .net framework and related complexity and magic and all the complexity and messy to build applications I am trying MinGW as it seems that it is possible to develop commercial applications with it. So I am a beginner on Mingw. Sorry.


On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 8:28 PM, Keith Marshall <> wrote:
On Saturday 18 December 2010 18:36:07 Imóveis Nacionais wrote:
> I
> included the #include <winspool.h>  and a reference to the winspool
> library. When I compile it compiler says that it does not knows the
> GetDefaultPrinterA function,

How did you add the reference to the winspool library?
What was the error message?  A compile time error?  Or an unresolved
reference at link time?

You need to provide this sort of detail, or we can't help you.  You
should not expect anyone else to debug your project for you.  Reduce
it to a minimal test case.  See if you can build that, ideally from the
command line, without the distraction introduced by your choice of IDE.
That will often be sufficient to lead you to a solution on your own.


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