On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Stefano Sabatini <stefano.sabatini-lala@poste.it> wrote:
On date Tuesday 2010-06-29 12:09:55 -0400, Earnie wrote:
> Jasper Horn wrote:
> >
> > - mingw.org uses cvs while mingw64 uses svn (complicated by the fact
> > that mingw.org has the requirement of self-containment, so the used
> > version control client should be available as an msys package)
> >
> There is no complication presented by self-containment.  You can use a
> windows native application with MSYS as long as you that client allows
> you to save the files with \n rather than \r\n line endings and you
> cannot use RXVT with MSYS because of pty emulation issues.
> The issue of which VCS to use is one of "why create work when what we
> have now works" scenario.  We can could have easily changed to SVN and
> then to GIT and then to Mercurial and then to the zumpdilitious flavor
> of the month VCS but we chose not to.

My main problem with cvs is that I don't know how to properly use it
(as most "young" programmers) neither I am motivated into
using/learning it, and indeed I find it painful to deal with it,
especially now that I'm accustomed to the facilities provided by git.

That means that potential new contributors may be discouraged to
contribute to the project, as that would imply the use/knowledge of a
tool which is awkward to them.

I know that is possible to use git even with the current repo scenario
(as someone published a git clone of the current cvs repo IIRC), but
that's another hoop you have to go through which is increasing
(although slightly) the entrance cost.

My 2€cents.

Additionally, self-containment with git should not be a big problem. Git for Windows is already in an msys package, perhaps talking to the msysgit developers and getting them to merge in their work into mainline msys would be a good idea?

And for those that want to use CVS or SVN, git provides support for the protocols so CVS and SVN clients can connect to git servers.

Quite frankly, I'm not willing to deal with CVS, at all. I can deal with git or even SVN, but I will not deal with CVS. I went through that before with a few other projects and I'm not doing it again, now that better stuff is out there.

I'd support a move to git since that probably would be the easiest path to maintain MinGW's need for "self-containment". And if sourceware.org has a git system, perhaps you should just ask for the CVS repo to be migrated to git. Since cygwin is a Unix environment, I have no doubt they've already got git available for cygwin. After all, it seems git has become ridiculously popular nowadays.