On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 7:11 AM, Earnie <earnie@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
Jasper Horn wrote:
> Some time later Earnie wrote:
>> Cygwin (IOW Red Hat) controls that
>> VCS and they still use CVS for sourceware.org and they will not be
>> changing because some MinGW users have a hankering to.
> I don't quite get what you are saying there, but if I can read your
> message as "There is a good reason we need to support CVS commands,
> and we cannot change that reason", no more explanation will be
> necessary.


>>   Better would be
>> to use the git conversion scripts, then you can use your favorite CVS,
>> SVN or GIT commands.
> I don't know what "git conversion scripts" you mean, but if it's just
> about using git with additional CVS-like and SVN-like interfaces, it
> sounds like a great plan to me.

Git provides scripts to checkout repositories from CVS or SVN and create
a local git repository for your work.  Then when you're ready to create
a patch git will diff against the official repository so that the
maintainers can apply the patch to the official VCS of choice or if
you're a maintainer preferring git you can push the changes to the
official VCS of choice.  I have yet to try this method.

Git also has the capability of acting like a CVS or SVN server. Additionally, has anyone actually asked about them moving to Git or something?