Thanks but I think a bad pointer always a runtime exception not a compiler error...
So it maybe something wrong with compiler. The same code compiled on XP is OK.

2010/7/21 Tatsh <>
Seems more likely a bad pointer.

程梁 wrote:
> Hi, there! I wounder whether you have got such an error:
>     internal error in mingw32_gt_pch_use_address, at
> config/i386/host-mingw32.c:167: error: MapViewOfFileEx: 试图访问无效的地址。
> the error message means "tried to access invalided address".
> This error happened when I tried to compile my application with Qt 4.6.3
> and QtCreator 2.0 on Windows 7. Then I cannot do anything,
> even I tried to restart QtCreator, the same error happened.
> Maybe you have got this error before so what can I do? Thank you! Should I
> reinstall Qt? Or there is something wrong with Windows 7?

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