Thanks, Chuck

The installs you recommended got pthread.h, sched.h and libpthread_2.dll OK.  But I don't see a new semaphore.h -- do I need to install another package to get that?

The old headers are in c:/mingw/mingw32/include, while the new ones went into c:/mingw/include.  Likewise for the import lib.  Has there been a change in the official directory structure?  The mingw that came with my Qt 4.6 -- which I have not touched -- has the old arrangement, and no pthreads dll (but of course Qt wouldn't need that).

I'm still rather in the dark about mingw-get.  Is there a good human-readable list of the MinGW packages and what they contain?  And what are the preconditions for using it to update Msys?

BTW I ran into a nasty little problem with gcc 4.5, sys/types.h and sched.h when building FFmpeg.  sched.h is one of many bits of useful code that use old not_prefixed_with_underscore names for common system and C lib items.  FFmpeg's build scripts pass --std=c99 to gcc, which now causes it to automatically #define _NO_OLDNAMES, which prevents sys/types.h from defining pid_t; however sched.h assumes that including sys/types.h will always define pid_t.  It uses a fallback definition when it doesn't include sys/types.h, but does not detect the case that pid_t is undefined when it does.  My fix is to make sched.h apply the fallback whenever pid_t is undefined. 

FFmpeg really should not claim ANSI purity, it uses old names several places in libavformat; but I am not about to mess with an autoconf script.

Regards, Tom

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 1:47 AM, Charles Wilson <> wrote:
On 9/15/2010 1:14 AM, Thomas Sharpless wrote:
> My MinGW (recently updated with mingw-get to gcc 4.5)  has headers and an
> export library for the pthread POSIX threading library, but no
> pthreadGC2.dll.  I finally found it at the ftp site; but why
> was it not in the MinGW distribution?

MinGW gcc-4.5.0 ships with "libpthread-2.dll", not pthreadGC2.dll.  The
headers are the same.  If you have an import library for the latter,
then it is a leftover from an earlier version of MinGW gcc; the current
pthread import lib specifies libpthread-2.dll:

dlltool --identify libpthread.dll.a
libpthread-2.dll looks like the mingw32-pthreads-w32-dev is not installed by
mingw32-gcc4.  I think that's a mistake; it should be installed


mingw-get install mingw32-pthreads-w32-dev
mingw-get install mingw32-libpthread-dll    <<< this IS installed by


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