Why do you need to do this?
You can assume that MSVCRT.dll will be present on any platform that
mingw gcc targets (unlike the situation with VS having
version-specific CRT DLLs).  You don't need to (and, I assume, don't
have the right to) distribute MSVCRT.dll. 

I am trying to build an executable and have it run on Windows 2000. The executable I create using MinGW runs fine on Windows XP and 7, however, when I copy it to Windows 2000, I get the following error:

The procedure entry point ___lc_codepage_func could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll.

Therefore, I was hoping that by statically linking the runtime library to eliminate this error, I would be able to avoid such problems with backward compatibility.

I believe that the direct answer to your question is that you can do
that - the static link library isn't available unless you have VS6 (or
possibly the Windows Driver Kit).

 I have made several unsuccessful attempts to do this, however, I have come up woefully short. Might you have any details about how to do this?

Thanks for the reply.
John N.