Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply.
Are you working in an MSYS shell but using a non-MSYS make?
Hm, good question. I don´t know, which make was running. I have seen that there are make.exe in the MSYS and the mingw32 directories. How can I see which one is running?


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Thema: Re: [Mingw-msys] make - file not found

On 2008-07-19 13:35Z, mglocken@aol.com wrote:
> Now I´ve copied Fl.H to another directory: C:\Programme\FEM_GMSH\fltk-1.1.9\FL 
> And I have changed the Makefile to:
> hello: hello.c C:\Programme\FEM_GMSH\fltk-1.1.9\FL\Fl.H
>     gcc -c hello.c -I. -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/fltk-1.1.9/FL
> But again I get the message "No such file or directory":
> $ make
> gcc -c hello.c -I. -I/c/Programme/FEM_GMSH/fltk-1.1.9/FL
> hello.c:3:16: Fl.H: No such file or directory
> C:\Programme\Dev-Cpp\bin\make.exe: *** [hello] Error 1

Are you working in an MSYS shell but using a non-MSYS make?

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