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Haibin Zhang wrote:
> I know the problem, it's the problem in m4,
> he must use m4 version >= 1.4.7

If that is true, can you explain why it [autoconf-2.61] builds
OOTB for me, still using m4 with version == 1.4, as included in

The error messages posted previously did point to a possible
perl conflict between the MSYS implementation and ActiveState
perl, which was also installed.
I have tested autoconf with m4-1.4 and ActiveState perl , it can't be used.
and  autoconf team said  that autconf-2.61 must use m4-1.4.7 in ChangeLog (I also tested m4-1.4.6 can't be used with autoconf-2.61)

If you want to use autconf-2.61 in Mingw, you should depend these packages:

perl-5.6.1 (in msysDTK-1.0.1, don't use ActiveState perl or build by yourself)

and you must remove other packages in msysDTK-1.0.1(beacuse many packages are very old), if you don't do that, it will occur error.


Zhang Haibin

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