Good morning JonY and list users,

liblept.dll.a shouldn't be exporting those symbols, something strange is
going on. Instead of "dlltool --export-all-symbols --output-def", try
gendef instead,
You really know what you're talking about. I did compile gendef and ran it instead of dlltool, and the new defs made the delayload library work properly. Now i can start the application without any lib present like i do on my mac (with LD -lazy-l parameters for those interested).

Thank you *big time*. All my problems are solved, this user list is really one of the most effective i've been subscribing to.

Now just a tiny question: i noticed references to libmangle when i ran configure --help on gendef, and i saw on the mingw-w64 website that this library was related to the way visual studio makes names for the functions in binaries. It is higly probable that i will have to link against non-opensource libraries crafted by third parties in visual studio, and i will have to do that delay-loading (Lazyly, eh) too. Will i need this libmangle thingy? What is it's exact purpose in the lifetime of compilation? Or are the tools i have right now sufficient?

i will stay tuned to this list, and maybe give help if i know what you guys are talking about ;)

Best to you and have an excellent week!