Earnie wrote,
> What do you mean by ``stackdump''?  Are these from MSYS?

I am looking at a stackdump produced by MinGW on a C program.  Using debug printouts I was already able to isolate the line where a Stack Access Violation takes place.  My hope was that it would be possible to glean more detailed information if I could read the stackdump; in particular, I had hoped that the stackdump would give me a clue about why the violation was happening..

Since sending my request, I was able to use GDB on the program, and it confirmed the line number for me.  If GDB gives me access to all the information available from the stackdump, then I guess that the stackdump does not have the details I need.  But if in fact the stackdump does contain more details, then I would like to know how to get to them.