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On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 9:50 AM, Sylvester <> wrote:
Greg Chicares wrote:
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On 2008-11-21 02:40Z, Sylvester Steele wrote:
I am basically declaring an extern array in a file say global1.h. The I am
using it in 2-3 other files. I include this file. 

I declare it like this:

extern int outputs[4];
This declaration enables you to access and use the variable,
as long as it's defined elsewhere. I'd generally omit the
dimension '4' here: then you don't have to change it in the
header when you change it in the definition.

to use this extern array I do:

int outputs[4]; - this outside of any function, in file that I want to
access the extern variable.
That's a definition. You need exactly one definition, in
exactly one file. The 'extern' declaration enables the
variable defined here to be accessed elsewhere.

If I do this in 1 file only (ie declaration an 1 file and use in 1 more
different file) the program compiles. 

However if I use it more than one file (declaration an 1 file and use in 2
or more different files) it does not compile.
One declaration is sufficient for you to use the variable in
any file that includes the header containing the declaration.
You don't have to repeat the definition: in fact, it's an error.
A definition allocates space. You want to allocate space only
once for a variable.

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