While trying to copy data into a vector
I get the following error messages
from the Eclipse linker:

stl_algobase.h:247: error: no match for 'operator*' in '*__result'
stl_algobase.h:249: error: no match for 'operator++' in '++__result'

__result is the defined in the STL as an OutputIterator

offending code segment is:

typedef std::vector< float > floatV;
    floatV v1_;
void XternalFloatRoutines::setVector(char* bytes, int byte_size)
    std::copy(bytes, bytes+byte_size, v1_);

I am using the Eclipse IDE 3.2.1 with CDT 3.1.1 and Mingw .

The problem lies with the STL include files.  I don't know what to do next.
Should I modify the library, or is there an updated version of the STL I
Should be using?  If it is a library problem (dare I say "bug") who should I
Notify?  What is the source of the Mingw STL anyway?

All help will be appreciated, as this is a big problem for my project.