I have been experimenting with portmaker for some time now, and have run into a few problems. Most of them concern the lack of quoting around variables and parameters.

My Windows username is my real first, middle and lastname, including spaces. That proved to be a big problem for portmaker (and for configure-scripts, and for makefiles).

I tried to fix the problem in portmaker by changing a lot of $1 into "$1", but that only exposed the same problem with configure/makefile.

For now I resorted to set HOME in msys.bat and point it to a directory with no spaces in the name.

I don't want to save the world in one go, so I will forget about the problem that the auto-tools has with spaces in directory names and concentrate on portmaker.

Basically I want to know if the portmaker maintainers are interested in receiving patches for this problem, before I start to go through the scripts and add d-quotes a lot of places.