At 08:26 AM 3/17/2011, Earnie wrote:
Richard Ulrich wrote:
> Hello,
> To allow a legacy Fortran program to use a third-party DLL, we wrote a
> C++ wrapper.  The C++ files are compiled with g++,  Fortran files with
> GFortran, and the whole collection linked with g++.  I'm using MinGW32
> 4.5.0, installed using MinGW-Get version 0.1-alpha-5, on Windows XP.

I have discovered that the data corruption appears to go away when I compile all the fortran code with "-fno-automatic" which I gather makes all variables go on the heap.

Does this shed any light for anyone on the nature of the the object file incompatibility, and a better way to fix it?

Richard U