I have 4 questions.

1. I have a 32-bit OS.  when I try to execute a "real" 64-bit exe, I usually get an error saying that it "is not a valid win32 application".
when I use plain g++ with no special switches, it generates an executable that executes on my 32-bit machine.  that's great for debugging, but once I have finished debugging my app, how do I generate a real 64-bit executable?

2. where is the documentation for the mingw-w64 switches and the mingw switches?  I already have switches for standard gcc.  but these are not in the generic gcc docs.  for mingw-w64, assume I am using sezero hand-build.

3. I can't find any documentation for mingw libraries (such as pthreads and opengmp)! where is it?

4. what are those files with the -1 on the end of the basename?

Jim Michaels