I use this code. It's from the VideoLAN project.

char *CStrFromBSTR(int codePage, BSTR bstr)
    UINT len = SysStringLen(bstr);
    if( len > 0 )
        size_t mblen = WideCharToMultiByte(codePage,
                0, bstr, len, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);
        if( mblen > 0 )
            char *buffer = (char *)CoTaskMemAlloc(mblen+1);
            ZeroMemory(buffer, mblen+1);
            if( WideCharToMultiByte(codePage, 0, bstr, len, buffer, mblen, NULL, NULL) )
                buffer[mblen] = '\0';
                return buffer;
    return NULL;

BSTR BSTRFromCStr(int codePage, const char *s)
    int wideLen = MultiByteToWideChar(codePage, 0, s, -1, NULL, 0);
    if( wideLen )
        WCHAR* wideStr = (WCHAR*)CoTaskMemAlloc(wideLen*sizeof(WCHAR));
        if( NULL != wideStr )
            BSTR bstr;

            ZeroMemory(wideStr, wideLen*sizeof(WCHAR));
            MultiByteToWideChar(codePage, 0, s, -1, wideStr, wideLen);
            bstr = SysAllocString(wideStr);

            return bstr;
    return NULL;

and then in the code use them like this:
char *strzTest = CStrFromBSTR(CP_ACP, m_bstr);
// use strzTest
BSTR bstrTest = BSTRFromCStr(CP_ACP, m_cstr);
// use bstrTest
Switch out CP_ACP (ANSI Code Page) for something else if you wish.
Good luck,

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By: gamblerzg

I need to convert c string (char *) into BSTR. The usual way to do it is through
a _bstr_t class, whcih is defined in comutil.h. However, MinGW does gives an
endless list errors when I tinclude that header. Is there any solution to this
problem? I have to have BSTR, because I work with Variants, but I really do
not want to use MS Studio.

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