On 30/05/12 10:08, Sonya Blade wrote:
Hi all, 

I'd like to know what is your chioce of visual IDE when using GNU compilers. 
I'm planning to use the Eclipse with GNU compilers but don't have enough knowledge how to set it up properly or 
GNU compilers can be installed at all in Eclipse. 

Your help will be appreciated, 

Ah! IDE wars....

My suggestion is either CodeBlocks or CodeLite. The former (my favoured IDE) auto-detects MinGW (assuming standard install directories). I think CodeLite does the same. What's to choose between them? Last time I did a side-by-side comparison, CodeBlocks has a better interface to the compiler/linker, etc. but CodeLite has a more refined interface to the debugger.

If you are using QT then QT Creator is the obvious choice.

Personally I don't like Eclipse - too big and too slow. But others swear by it...