On 09/04/12 01:21, Marcus Szanto wrote:
In reply to Greg Chicares <gchicares@...>:
>> I am getting an error when running g++.exe. The error is "The program
>> can't start because libgmp-10.dll is missing from your computer. Try
> >reinstalling the program to fix this problem.".
> >I have libgmp-10.dll in the bin folder, yet it still is getting that
> >error. Any idea?

>Is the compiler's bin/ directory on the PATH?

No, but the installation is set up to be portable. If I set it in their path, and they happen to never use it again, then it's in their path and they may not delete it.
Is there a way I could temporarily set it in their path, or is there another fix for this problem?

Copy the DLL(s) to the same directory as the exe? (I believe Windows searches the current directory for any DLLs it needs before checking the paths.)

Ultimately, the cleanest technique would be static linking... but unfortunately MinGW does not provide static libraries.