On 2012-3-1 14:13, Naveen H. S wrote:
Thanks for your valuable feedback. ... However, "--with-expat" command did not work with the installed mingw. The build stopped with the error "expat could not be found". It seems that expat could not be found in the installed mingw. I will try to build the expat prior to GDB and use "--with-expat" and will update the result regarding the same.
It looks like PCX's GCC 4.5.4 does not contains expat library, so you can either:
1, build expat yourself.
2, I'm currently use PCX's 4.6.3 package(http://pcxprj.googlecode.com/files/MinGW64CRT_gcc4.6.3.20120221_sse2static_win32.7z), it contains the expat library, it should work OK.

Build Cross GDB with Python Support on Linux

I built the libiconv, expat and python on linux machine at following 

I tried to build the GDB with following command:-
../src/gdb-7.3.1/configure --prefix=/home/gdb/prefix/ 
--host=i386-pc-mingw32msvc --target=rx-elf --with-expat=/home/gdb/prefix/ 
--with-python=/home/gdb/prefix/ --with-iconv=/home/gdb/prefix/

However, the build failed as Python was not found in the PATH
"configure: error: no usable python found"

Can anyone please help me what is going wrong in this case?

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I have no experience of build gdb under Linux, so the following may wrong:
With the configure option:
which means, you python executable should be installed here, is it?

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