On 07/27/2010 10:28 AM, Monica Buescu wrote:

I'm using mingw-msys in WinXP to compile and run GRASS6.4 (a Open Source GIS software) but now, while compiling GRAS; I'm getting a lot of stackdumps.
I found this message: http://readlist.com/lists/lists.sourceforge.net/mingw-msys/0/341.html  and my question is:
- how did you figured it out that it was the web cam? I mean, I don't have that webcam but maybe some other software is creating this problem and I need to figure this out


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Dear Monica,

since everything was working perfectly before my birthday (the webcam was a birthday present) and I had not updated MinGW/MSYS in any way, I concluded that stackdumps must be due to some 3rd party software that was running on the machine, so basically I started killing, one by one, all non-system processes that I saw in the Task Manager, until stackdumps disappeared. This approach allowed me to figure out that the Logitech Webcam service was interfering with the build. You might do the same on your system to find, if this is the case also for you, the interfering process.

Hope that helps,

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