Roger Pack wrote:
Maybe you're looking for devpaks.
Basically they are binary archives of libraries to be used in Dev-C++ or
However the files are tar.bz2 files, so if you rename the extension to
.tar.bz2 or .tbz2 you can just extract them (or open them e.g. with WinRar).
Quite some devpaks can be found at

Wow those are very interesting.  I'm a little afraid of them because
they don't offer dependency linking among devpaks [maybe unnecessary?]
and they aren't hosted at a single site, and they are compiled by
various different versions of gcc...are any of those significant
problems, anyone think?  Just wondering.
If you just install Code::Blocks (or Dev-C++) and use the package manager that comes with it you can just select which devpaks to install. I've done that many times and had no problems creating projects that use different libraries from different devpaks.
But you are right, the dependancies are not always managed properly and when installing a devpak you sometimes may need to grab another one to meet its dependancies.
On the other hand, there are some great libraries that I didn't find devpaks for, so I do build my own from time to time.
In fact I have quite a library of Devpaks now that I compiled with MinGW 4.4.0, maybe I should publish them on a site.