I an working on xen vbd device driver which is a scsi miniport driver. (http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/win-pvdrivers.hg). First of all, this driver can works well if we build it under WDK. For license issue, I need to build it under MinGW. I can build this driver successful using w32api-3.11 after fixing some issue on some .def file and string operation function. Now the problem is this driver can load by OS. DriverEntry and some function are works well. But OS will crash out of this driver. I cannot get any useful message from windbg even I can use kdprint to output some debug message. So I doubt that there some issue on scsiport lib on MinGW. But I am not sure.

BTW, there is another xen pv driver is xennet driver. It uses ndis lib in MinGW and can works well.

I have trace this issue for almost 2 weeks, any help are appreciated.


Keith Marshall wrote:
On Wednesday 23 July 2008 03:28:15 wayne gong wrote:
So I wander whether mingw scsiport lib
works for windows scsi miniport driver?

There are some pending patches, awaiting ChangeLogs from the submitter, 
which may address the issues you are experiencing.  However, since you 
don't actually say what those issues are, who can tell?


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