Brian Dessent a écrit :
Arnaud Masson wrote:

Is there an updated version of mingwm10.dll somewhere which is safely

Not that I know of.

Otherwise how I can build mingwm10.dll myself and apply the patch?

Get the mingw-runtime -src package from the MinGW download area.  Unpack
the source, apply the patch, and rebuild.  You will need to install MSYS
but it should be a simple "./configure && make" affair.  You might need
to manually run autoconf in order to regenerate Makefile from, if the configure script doesn't detect this for you (aka

Actually, that could be a lot to do if you're not familiar with autoconf
style packages.  Try the attached mingwm10.dll, it is the result of
doing the above.

I have replaced the standard mingwm10.dll with the one you have provided.
It works fine, thanks a lot! :-)

(Maybe it would be useful to add it in the "Download" section of MinGW site...)