Thanks. 3.1 configured and built using the same setup I used for 2.05b. There was one hitch - W_OK undefined in general.C. I temporarily added a #define to the top of general.c and all is well. I will start rejiggering my changes.


Earnie Boyd wrote:
Quoting Earnie Boyd <>:

Quoting Adam Doppelt <>:

Hi Earnie. I finally found a bit of time to work on this, but I 
can't locate the 3.1 bash source. I'm looking at sourceforge's CVS 
web gateway:

I see 2.04 and 2.05b but no 3.1. Is there somewhere else I should 
look? Thanks,

I'll be uploading the 3.1 sources toward the end of the week.  If 
you can apply your changes to that source it would be appreciated.  
Look for the source to be in msys/packages/bash/3.1 in CVS.

I haven't had the time yet to do the upload.  I'll let you know when 
it is there.


This is uploaded to CVS now.  Have fun with it.

Earnie Boyd

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