Hi guys. I downloaded the 2004 MSYS release recently, primarily to get bash. I fired up bash but immediately ran into problems trying to tab complete on C:/XYZ style path names. I'm used to using filenames in this fashion after many years with win32 tcsh.

I dug into the bash source and I was able to find and fix several problems related to path completion under MSYS. There are still a few issues with the 2004 release:
  1. I use mapped drives a lot to talk to my linux box. For example G: => //something/here. If I try to use /g/somefile.txt, MSYS incorrectly turns it into <PATHTOMSYS>/g/somefile.txt.
  2. The tools shipped with MSYS (cp/mv/ls) refuse to use mapped network drives, no matter what format I use (g:/somefile.txt or /g/somefile.txt).
I tried to fix (1) by tracing into the spawn.cc source inside the msys DLL. I used the latest CVS MSYS rt sources. Unfortunately, bash (the 2004 bash) pinned the CPU and hung when I tried to run it against my new DLL. I'm not sure how to fix (2).

That leads to my questions...
I don't like /cygwin and I was very excited to find MSYS. Thanks for all your hard work!