Thanks Keith,
  I saw the FAQ. And tried adding it to the makefile as
 $(LD) --entry=0x409 $(OBJOUT)\galx86.obj -llibUSER32
but it still says

cannot find llibUSER32
Please help,
Thanks and Regards,
On 8/30/06, Keith MARSHALL <> wrote:
Noor Fatma wrote:
> I have a gui toolkit which is for x86 platform. previously I used
> to compile it with VC compiler. Now I am porting it to gcc for which
> I am using MinGW. Now all the files are getting compiled with MinGW
> but during linking it gives undefined symbols errors in the object
> files. The functions definition is in windows libraries. How should
> I link the windows libraries with MinGW.

This is a FAQ.  Please search the archives, and RTFM:

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