On 27 Aug 2003 at 17:27, Anil Mamede wrote:


> >
> >       Umm...are you talking about a problem with unarchiving the tar file
> >using the Gnu version of tar included with Msys?  Or, are you talking
> >about a problem with the files you sucessfully unarchived/extracted
> >from the .tar file that aren't working as you expected them to work?
> >
> >       Paul G.

> I tried mklinks in RULES directory and gave me this:
> ln: creating symbolic link `r-gmake.c4x' to `r-make.c4x': No such file
> or directory ln: creating symbolic link `r-gmake.c4x-dep' to
> `r-make.c4x-dep': No such file or directory ln: creating symbolic link
> `r-build.c4x' to `r-smake.c4x': No such file or directory ln: creating
> symbolic link `r-build.c4x-dep' to `r-smake.c4x-dep': No such file or
> directory

            That was to be expected since the files referenced by those .rul files do not exist unders any Windows OS.

> then make in the root dir of cdrtools and gave me this:
> RULES/rules1.top:93: RULES/os-mingw32_nt-5.1.id: No such file or
> directory RULES/rules1.top:100: RULES/os-.def: No such file or
> directory C:\msys-1.0\bin\make.exe: *** couldn't commit memory for
> cygwin heap, Win32 error 487

            This does not surprise me.  See above.

> You compiled sucessfully cdrtools?

            Nope.  All I did was dearchive it to my hard drive and then tried a couple of things related to what I know Msys can deal with.

            If you want to port cdrtools under Msys, you will need to do a lot of research on what Msys can and can not deal with.  You will also need to establish a fairly good understanding of what Mingw can do.  Hardware devices, and their drivers, vary from OS to OS.

            As Luke has previously noted, "traditonal symlinks" do not work under Msys.

            If it is important for you to have the use of "traditional symlinks", then you would be better advised to download and install Cygwin, and work from there.  Mostly because Cygwin is set up to handle that sort of thing. Msys is not.

            Msys is primarily for building things via the use of autoconfisticate, etc., and was not ever expected to support "traditional symlinks".

            Here is an excerpt from /docs/msys/msys-mission:

            The mission or goal of MSYS is to provide a minimal POSIX environment for and building MinGW ports and code.

      And an excerpt from /docs/msys/msys_welcome.rtf:

      "Welcome to the world of MSYS and MinGW.  Minimal SYStem is a minimal POSIX system used in the Win32 OS to accomplish configuration and making of packages.

MSYS is a fork of Cygwin and is more friendly to the Win32 user.  It offers only a user land environment for MinGW development.  It converts posix paths before executing a "native" win32 program.  This allows the users of the MinGW version of GCC to port and build packages in a GNU familiar way and removes the UNIX complexities that Cygwin adds."

         Paul G.