On 9 Oct 2002 at 14:26, Steven Edwards wrote:

> Now that the win32api is expanding to include a ddk, should we also
> expand it to include other api's besides the core win32?

            I don't think so.

            Can you be more specific in terms of what you mean when you say "besides the core win32"?  There is a lot of stuff included with the existing Mingw distribution that is supported and maintained by the Mingw developers.

> I started
> building quake2 under mingw the other day and had no problems untill I
> got to the direct sound part. Once I stubbed those functions out the
> q2.exe built with no problems. If the header will be accepted I would
> like to try my hand at adapting the rewind dsound header and see if I
> can get q2 building and working properly.

            Bear in mind that the latest DirectSound which is fully supported by NT4 is release 6 (if and only if you have downloaded and installed Service Pack 6 or 6a).  DirectSound, according to MS Platform SDK of November 2001, is being deprecated in lieu of Direct Audio.

            DirectX Audio is not really a part of the Win32api.

            DirectSound, through DirectSound 8 is already, at least partially, supported and included as part of the Mingw distro.

            Hope this helps.

                        Paul G.