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On 2 Oct 2002 at 19:09, Alex Vinokur wrote:

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> Subject: RE: Cygwin & MinGW
> > Try running gcc -mno-cygwin.
> %gcc -v --help :
> .........
> -mno-cygwin             Use the Mingw32 interface
> .........
> If I don't have Cygwin I must use the Mingw32 interface (or DJGPP).

            Mingw32 is not an "interface".  It is a toolset. "Minimalist Gnu for Windows", or simply (officially) MinGW .

> But if I have Cygwin : when is it worth using the Mingw32 (not Cygwin) interface?
> Any example ?

            If you have Cygwin, why use -mno-cygwin in the first place unless you have some sort of desparate and decidedly "temporary" need for a non-cygwin(x) dependant app?

            -mno-cygwin only seems to work for gcc applications Out Of the Box (OOB).  You can add C++ support within the Cygwin development environment with the appropriate, albeit additional, downloads;  ie., of course, if you wish to facilitate C++  compiles/links using the Cygwin (part of standard Cygwin distro)  -mno-cygwin switch.

            If you don't require or need a cygwin(x).dll dependant app, then why use Cygwin at all?  Especially if you have Mingw available (including latest release of g++, 3.x)?  Mingw does not depend on the presence of the cygwin(x).dll to function.

            -mno-cygwin is a method (as noted earlier, imho) of bypassing the linking of the cygwin(x).dll (some have called it a *hack*).

            No matter, there are people, at Cygwin hq, who have put a great deal of time and energy into supporting the -mno-cygwin switch, and they should be noted, honored and respected for all the work they have done in terms of the -mno-cygwin switch being available and largely quite functional.

            Bottom-line, any questions you have about whether to use Cygwin or Mingw (whether in the form of implementing Cygwins' -mno-cygwin switch or in the form of the Mingw distro) can only be answered by the developer (you?).  

            Define What Your Needs/Goals Are.  Once that is done, then it will be time to decide what is the best method of meeting those needs/goals in the time you have allocated/available to meet(ing) those needs/goals.

            This latter has always been, at least to me, the "spirit" of Cygwin.  Because of this, the
-mno-cygwin switch, from one perception, essential to maintaining and facilitating the "spirit" of the Cygwin development efforts.

                        Paul G.