On 9 Sep 2002 at 16:19, Christian Buhtz wrote:

> Hi I am new in this list.
> I am quite confused about some things.
> On mingw.org is something said about the two "things" MinGW and MSYS.
> But there is only one download für MinGW.
> What is what and what is the different between this two things?

            (I hope I am not missing something...)

            Msys, according to the docs at mingw.org, is a "fork" of Cygwin.  Primary purpose of Msys is to allow a Unix- like interface for use without posixy/Unix overhead so common to Cygwin based applications/packages/etc.

            Msys is not a compiler, nor does it include a compiler.  The Mingw distribution (latest release v2.0.0) includes a compiler (gcc 3.x).  Msys needs a compiler if you want to build any applications/packages/etc.  The recommended compiler is the compiler provided with Mingw distribution (gcc 3.x for Mingw 2.0.3).  In fact, I typically will download the Mingw distribution and then extract it to the Msys directory tree (<hdd:>\msys\1.0\mingw) after Msys has been installed.  The post installation process looks for an existing Mingw installation.  If one does not exist, I am not sure what happens as I have always had a pre-existing Mingw installation floating around somewhere.

            As to versions, I am still not certain that gcc 3.x is stable enough for Msys.  Because of that, I am still using the Mingw 1.1 distro (+ some little extras I added).

            Questions about gcc 2.95.3/3.x running within Msys environment, I believe, are typically posted to this list.

            Questions about gcc 3.x running within Mingw environment (no bash/rxvt interface, just cmd/command.com) should, afaik, be posted/addressed to the the mingw-users list .

> I have some detailed questions, too. But will made same in the right
> group (mingw, msys) if I knew what is what. ;)

            Hope this helps.

                        Paul G.