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Brian Dessent wrote:

If a -W option does not currently exist to control the particular
diagnostic that you are encountering (which you failed to specify,
making this essentially a useless bug report) then you should report it
on the gcc bug tracker or mailing list, not here.  Gcc is a separate

Sorry.  I was making more of a suggestion in reference to my previous post on a patch (http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=20345) which I learned was applied to the 4.2 branch of gcc.  I should have referenced my problem and original question about the patch.   My problem was :

warning: type attributes are honored only at type definition
... 2579 warnings

I was looking for a way to turn off just this warning, and I searched the manual.  I didn't see anything that might be applicable except turning off all warnings.  I only wanted to turn off that warning.  Maybe I should post this on a gcc mailing list.  Thank you, and again, sorry.