Charles Wilson wrote:

The real controversy here is the use of "mingw32" as the subsystem
identifier.  Technically, these packages are *msys* utilities, because
they depend on msys-perl, msys-bash, etc.  However, the question is how
to distinguish THESE packages from the msysdvlpr ones -- I don't really
like "-msys-"  vs.  "-msysdvlpr-".  And besides, these really should
reside in /mingw/bin, so that the typical PATH settings which have
/mingw/bin precede /usr/bin when !msysdvlpr will enable the typical
mingw user to have default access to the "mingw32"-specific autotool
utilities, and not "accidentally" get the msys-specific ones.

I would use the subsystem name to indicate under which root the file should be unpacked:

*-mingw32-* should be unpacked in /mingw
*-msys-* should be unpacked in /usr