Hey All,

> Historical reasons. The mingw-runtime and w32api started life in Cygwin.

So, there is no technical reason then?  Does this not rather restrict our
options for managing our own release cycles?  On the assumption that we
should release on the basis of our own CVS content, doesn't this mean that
our releases are dependent on Cygwin's, since we must wait for their
versioned releases to bring our CVS up to date?

I'm not sure what you mean by the mingw-runtime and w32api releases being dependant on Cygwin.  I currently maintain both the runtime and the w32api for MinGW and Cygwin (I took over from Earnie mid last year).  In terms of a release schedule, it's basically when I get around to it, and when there enough changes to warrant a release.  My general goal is to have 2 to 3 releases of each per year.



Chris Sutcliffe