AFAIK, the GetLastError is only set by an API call that fails, there is
no guarantee that a successfull API call resets the value to 0.  So
you should only check the GetLastError value if an API call actually
returned an error.   If I understand your mail correctly it seems
that you are calling GetLastError after every call to check if
something went wrong, which is not the way it works.


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On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 05:52:00PM +0800, Luke Dunstan wrote:
> I haven't looked at what the cause might be, but my first thought is: so
> what? AFAIK this should have no effect on (correct) programs. You can call
> SetLastError(0) but you shouldn't need to.

the problem is that after every system call it continues to do that.


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