I'm trying to port OBT (https://gforge.inria.fr/projects/obt/) on MinGW with msys on windows vista. 

OBT is a Useful common programming library wich handle singleton, factory, plugin,service, tracer etc... 
I have some problem with the plugin handle. 
I have two questions actually. 
May i use the LoadLibray (windows) or the dlopen with the dlfcn-win32 package. 

Right now i'm using the dlfcn but it don't seems to work well. 

So i'm trying to debug it with gdb, i have the common debug flug used on linux, 
but i don't get any usefull information : 
Segmentation Fault ... in linOBT_d_dll_iname() 
#0 ... Cannot access memory at adress... 

May i need extra debug flag for using gdb with mingw ? 


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