Hello, new guy here, love the project and all of that :)

I think I might have found a bug in the API.
If I compile a very simple example that just printf()s the I_IMAGENONE macro (declared on commctrl.h, which I'm of course including)
I simple get a "`I_IMAGENONE' undeclared" error message.
Tried the same thing with a different symbol defined in commctrl.h (can't remember which one) and it works.
Now I haven't tested with a whole bunch of symbols to see which ones are working or not but I_IMAGENONE should work.
I'm restraining myself from trying to install the PlatformSDK from Microsoft, do you guys think I should do that to save some headaches in the
future ? Software I'm developing is a simple database which just displays some lists and trees for medical field. I bet newer Vista/Win7 fancy guy functions are not available but hey not important for now...

Thanks a lot for reading