> What would mingw users like for a binary release package?

> (1) Based on pristine (well, just a few makefile.in tweaks to get around
> CRLF, no-symlinks, etc issues) FSF sources, as is, with known bugs.
> (2) As above but backporting select features from 4.3.0, fixing some
> aforementioned known bugs.
> (3) As (2) but enabling DW2 unwind.
> (4) As (2) but building libstdc++ and libgcc as dll's.
> (5) (3) | (4).
> (6) Your "I'd rather...".

I couldn't build a working Ada compiler since 3.4.6 until around Dec 2006. At that time I finally succeeded with a prerelease of 4.2. As far as my testing goes Ada requires sjlj exceptions. I couldn't build it with DWARF2 exceptions, although I heard roumors that it should work. According to your pick list that would exclude (3), or do I misunderstand something?

I don't care too much about (4) so my vote goes to (2)