This is exactly my problem, sees, already I was in the Google, the site of the SDL and the list of e-mails and nothing to find information of as to optimize the SDL so that it is faster.
 I thank its aid and if it will be able to help me one more time I am very grateful.
 One more time thanks.

Greg Chicares <> wrote:
On 2005-12-16 23:25 UTC, Roberto Wilson wrote:
> All source code that I catch to compile through the MSYS of the SDL I
> make as dll but in the hour to create a program the SDL that I construct
> is very slow and if I catch the SDL in being the same
> version the speed the game I am normal what I am making of made a mistake?
> The configures is: ./configure --prefix=c:/dev-cpp/bin/mingw
> --enable-shared --disable-static
> Somebody can help to understand this me?

The people who provide the faster version must have built it
differently. Do they say how they built it? Perhaps they
enabled some important optimization option.

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