hello all,
1. i am trying to compile a serial communication application in cygwin (can be found at
this link http://www.programmersheaven.com/zone3/cat411/6671.htm)
under windows xp using gcc. the file bios.h is not available in mingw. is there a way
to compile this with gcc?
2. i have tried many serial communication packages from linux, and i have managed
to get only microcom and sjinn to compile in cygwin, but i am not able to talk to another
computer. can you recommend a serial comm program that will work from cygwin the way hyperterminal works?
3. let's say i have an old serial comm dos application. if i generate a dll from it (e.g. using turbo pascal 5.5), will the functions in the dll be callable from an application compiled with gcc in cygwin?
probably it is obvious i am a novice, so please be kind :-)
thank you,

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