Hello all,

I get the following error when I compile a project I'm working on. I'll appreacite any help please.

Building Makefile: "C:\Projects\PortCalk\Makefile.win"
 Executing  make...
 make.exe -f "C:\Projects\PortCalk\Makefile.win" all
 g++.exe Calc.o Commander.o Ctrl.o FunTab.o LoadDlg.o Main.o
MenuTable.o Nodes.o Output.o Parser.o SaveDlg.o Scanner.o Serial.o Store.o
SymTab.o View.o AboutDlg.o PortCalk_private.res -o "PortCalk.exe"
-L"C:/MinGW/lib" -L"C:/Projects/WinLib" -lWinLib -I"C:/MinGW/include" 
-I"C:/MinGW/include/c++"  -I"C:/MinGW/include"  -I"C:/Projects/WinLib" 
-D_WIN32_IE=0x0300 -s -mwindows
undefined reference to `InitCommonControlsEx@4'
undefined reference to `CreateStatusWindowA@16'
make.exe: *** [PortCalk.exe] Error 1
Execution terminated

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