Hi All,
Here is output from an msys terminal running on a Windows XP machine.
$ mount
C:\DOCUME~1\GNUCash\LOCALS~1\Temp on /tmp type user (binmode,noumount)
C:\soft\msys\bin on /usr/bin type user (binmode,cygexec,noumount)
C:\soft\msys\bin on /bin type user (binmode,cygexec,noumount)
C:\soft\mingw on /mingw type user (binmode)
C:\soft\msys on / type user (binmode,noumount)
C:\soft\msys on /usr type user (binmode,noumount)
a: on /a type user (binmode,noumount)
c: on /c type user (binmode,noumount)
d: on /d type user (binmode,noumount)
z: on /z type user (binmode,noumount)
$ ls /tmp
689211B7.TMP                       snarf.3580
7103_appcompat.txt                 snarf.3604
7ddd_appcompat.txt                 snarf.3856
9410_appcompat.txt                 snarf.552
9412_appcompat.txt                 srtUnin.log
9c6_appcompat.txt                  t1272-0-sh
ASPNETSetup_00000.log              t1660-0-sh
ASPNETSetup_00001.log              t2184-0-sh
ASPNETSetup_00002.log              t2d1384
SNDunin.log                        t3348-0-sh
SYMEVENT.LOG                       t3800-0-sh
Setup Log 2008-12-18 #001.txt      t388-0-sh
Silverlight0.log                   t4076-0-sh
SymNRT 10-24-2008 22h12m6s.log     t472-0-sh
SymNRT 10-24-2008 23h28m59s.log    uxeventlog.txt
Uninstall Log 2008-12-30 #001.txt  wlumsp.log
VSMsiLog6305.txt                   {70014586-7BBA-4A92-A610-CDC896C48F8F}
VSMsiLog7F71.txt                   {E80F62FF-5D3C-4A19-8409-9721F2928206}
WER0be6.dir00                      ~DF24E6.tmp
WER1c84.dir00                      ~DF2D6A.tmp
WER3009.dir00                      ~DF411F.tmp
WER307f.dir00                      ~DF6564.tmp
WER4072.dir00                      ~DF7372.tmp
WER9ee7.dir00                      ~DF8007.tmp
WERaf05.dir00                      ~DF8313.tmp
WERe766.dir00                      ~DF9FC7.tmp
WPDNSE                             ~DFA476.tmp
ah165.3256                         ~DFACAC.tmp
ah3120.3804                        ~DFAD6D.tmp
ah4326.3724                        ~DFB97A.tmp
ah4606.3344                        ~DFBE15.tmp
ah6958.3600                        ~DFBE4F.tmp
ah7509.388                         ~DFD739.tmp
ah8904.140                         ~DFDCAD.tmp
ah9093.3120                        ~DFEBD5.tmp
ar3573.1864                        ~DFFD91.tmp
ar9847.3416                        ~hh109.tmp
au1222.2840                        ~hh13.tmp
au1889.3692                        ~hh25.tmp
au2601.3660                        ~hh26.tmp
au9263.3352                        ~hh27.tmp
b68f_appcompat.txt                 ~hh2E.tmp
bbug.2396                          ~hh34.tmp
ccNlcE5f.o                         ~hh35.tmp
ccWkaaaa.s                         ~hh40.tmp
ccXRyWAY.s                         ~hh41.tmp
ccjwhVKw.s                         ~hh42.tmp
ccmIaaaa.s                         ~hh43.tmp
ccmmaaaa.s                         ~hh4A.tmp
ccygbaaa.o                         ~hh4C.tmp
cg3568-2285                        ~hh4F.tmp
cg480-27125                        ~hh50.tmp
dd_NET_Framework20_Setup2242.txt   ~hh5B.tmp
dd_depcheck_NETFX20_EXP_35.txt     ~hh5C.tmp
dd_depcheckdotnetfx30.txt          ~hh5D.tmp
dd_dotnetfx20error.txt             ~hh5E.tmp
dd_dotnetfx20install.txt           ~hh65.tmp
dd_dotnetfx3error.txt              ~hh67.tmp
dd_dotnetfx3install.txt            ~hh6A.tmp
dd_netfx20MSI0336.txt              ~hh6B.tmp
dd_netfx20UI0336.txt               ~hh79.tmp
dd_rgb_retMSI62B7.txt              ~hh82.tmp
e20f_appcompat.txt                 ~hh85.tmp
fd92_appcompat.txt                 ~hh86.tmp
gconfd-GNUCash                     ~hh89.tmp
gnucash.trace.66TXMU               ~hh95.tmp
gnucash.trace.CARHMU               ~hh9D.tmp
gnucash.trace.JB36FU               ~hhA.tmp
gnucash.trace.M601MU               ~hhA4.tmp
gnucash.trace.MGJ4FU               ~hhA55.tmp
gnucash.trace.SBBTFU               ~hhA70.tmp
gnucash.trace.U2IPMU               ~hhA8C.tmp
nsh7.tmp                           ~hhB.tmp
orbit-GNUCash                      ~hhB8.tmp
snarf.212                          ~hhBF.tmp
snarf.2168                         ~hhC.tmp
snarf.3076                         ~hhD3.tmp
snarf.3104                         ~hhDA.tmp
snarf.3460                         ~hhEE.tmp
snarf.3464                         ~nsu.tmp
$ ls /c/soft/tmp
autoconf-2.63  automake-1.10.2  gmp-4.2.4  guile-1.6.8  libtool-2.2.6  ofile
$ ls /
bin  doc  etc  home  lib  m.ico  mingw  msys.bat  msys.ico  share  uninstall
$ ls /c
AUTOEXEC.BAT            MSDOS.SYS      RECYCLER                   drwtsn32.log
CONFIG.SYS              NTDETECT.COM   System Volume Information  hiberfil.sys
Config.Msi              Packaging      Users                      ntldr
Documents and Settings  Program Files  WINDOWS                    pagefile.sys
IO.SYS                  Qt             boot.ini                   soft
What is the difference between /c/soft/tmp and /tmp ?
Why does not "c" show in "ls /"
Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown