Am trying to get some Open Source programs to build on Windows
with MinGW and msys.  A couple of them create dependency files
.d (using a command like gcc -M).  The output is showing up in
a format starting with something similar to c:\mingw\bin\../ 
The scripts seem to want the files in a format starting with
something like /mingw/bin/../  Is there a setting I can adjust
(mount settings in /etc/fstab, environment variables, etc.) to
make the output more like what the script expects or do the
build scripts/makefiles need to be changed?  Supposedly these
programs have been successfully built with mingw, but am not
sure whether it was natively or with a cross-compiler.   I'm
trying to figure out if the problem is with my
mingw/msys/environment settings or if the problem is with the
build scripts themselves.  Advice on this would be very much
appreciated.  Thanks.