for the -tty switch:
windows has console-mode programs and windows PE's.  the windows PE's (GUIs) have WinMain() and the console mode executables have main().

you would need to write your own commandline argument parser for a windows PE, because it just gives you a plain old string instead of char**argv.  I gave up trying to write mine for simpler projects for now.

there are Console series Win32 API functions available at your disposal.  also available are the standard C and C++ libraries.  see to search for any functions that are Console related.

From: Werner LEMBERG <>
Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2012 9:28 PM
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] Precendence of COM and EXE

> Why not have foo.exe for the console, and foo-win.exe for the GUI?
> Typing "foo" from the console runs foo.exe, while GUI users are more
> likely to use a shortcut (which you create for them, pointing to
> foo-win.exe) or see both .exes in the application's folder and guess
> which is the right one (which they'd have to do anyway given the
> choice of foo.exe or

Yes, I will do that now.  I thought there MUST be a way to be emulate
the convenient Unix way of having a single binary for both GUI and TTY
output (my program has a --tty command line switch), but I now see
that this isn't possible.


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