any ideas of exactly what to search for? I tried globbing and I only got my messages. can't search for * so I am stuck.

From: Earnie <>
To: Jim Michaels <>; MinGW Users List <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 4:31 AM
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] how do I turn off argument globbing

Jim Michaels wrote:
> I had to unsubscribe/resubscribe to the list.
> I am talking about my programs.  how do I turn off globbing within my programs?  mingw has globbing on by default, and everybodybody's compiler implementation has their own way of turning globbing off it seems...  soem have you assign a global variable to 0, some have you define a function, etc.
> so what do I do?

Review the archives of this list.  It has been answered.