On 6/19/07, Andrzej Ziarkowski <ziaro@gmx.de> wrote:
i'm totally newbie with sed/MSYS. I tried to madofy one simply batch file, but i got problems with path convertion.

I have "small problem" with sed in my windows batch file: the output file is not included any slash in the file path.
I mean that from my variable UNLOADFILE "C:\Temp\biblio.001" sed is making "C:Tempbiblio.001".

How i can stoping this behavior of sed?

This is just the way MSYS works. You might be able to work around it, but I your case I would look for a little free program called gsar.exe (General Search And Replace) by Tormod Tjaberg and Hans Peter Verne. I have version 1.11 on my PC.