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From: Brian Palmer
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Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 1:31 PM
Subject: [Mingw-users] MinGW won't generate a valid binary image

I am writing a boot manager and I want it to be able to compile under all intel versions of gcc. It works fine under every port except the MinGW port. MinGW compiles and links the executable fine. But when I objcopy it to a binary file and try to boot it it just hangs somewhere in the code. Has anyone been able to generate a binary image from MinGW? If someone would like to take a look at my code or Makefile I will mail it to them.


Another issue I am having with MinGW is that I specify my targets in the Makefile without the .exe suffix so that the same Makefile will work under Linux. I also don’t specify the .exe suffix on the command line to gcc. DJGPP solves this problem by generating two outputs – “targetname” & “targetname.exe”. MinGW just outputs “targetname.exe” which breaks the Makefile so that it always rebuilds the target. Can anyone suggest a solution to this?


You can define a macro (e.g., EXT) which is set to ".exe" for the Micro$oft world, and to nothing for the

unix world, and append that macro to your target name. 


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