Hi, when starting python from the msys shell (on win2k), it just stays there and does nothing. I read in another post (http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnu.mingw.msys/63) that you have to start python with the -i option ("python -i"). Problem is that you then can't exit (other than by closing the msys shell window, or opening another one and killing the python process running) the python shell, ie. ctrl-c and ctrl-z are not recognized.
Seems to me that the fact that there is a need to force python to be interactive (-i) is also why ctrl-z/c are not understood, i.e. python is not recognizing that there is a stdin so probably doesn't transmit control codes to the msys shell when forced to be interactive. Couldn't and Shouldn't msys be fixed so that it gets recognized as a terminal? Most likely this is (or will be, sooner or later) a problem with other software, unless the problem is with python. E.g., when I ssh to an SGI computer from msys, the remote host complains that msys is not a recognized terminal, possibly related symptom.