Hi.  I just installed MinGW-2.0.0-3.  I entered, compiled and sucessfully ran the simple "hello" examples shown on the "docs" page http://www.mingw.org/docs.shtml.
Then I tried to compile a MySQL sample program from the New Rider book, client4.c.  I modified the makefile for my environment and ran mingw32-make.  It generated a ton of errors, mostly about some sort of "parse error before '*' token" in "c:/progra~1/mysql/include/mysql.h."
I wanted to save and/or redirect the output to an error file but I haven't had much sucess.  The "tee" program shown below is an MS-DOS equivalent to it's Unix counterpart ... and btw, this code, client4.c, compiles and runs fine on my FreeBSD box.
D:\Prog\MySQL\Client4>mingw32-make | tee > error
D:\Prog\MySQL\Client4>mingw32-make > error
produce an error file with any information in it.  So how does one redirect the screen output with MinGW?
I'll follow up with the MySQL issue once I can create an error output file.