I seem to be having a problem linking multiple resource files into an exe.  The first resource on the cmdline links ok, but the rest are seemingly ignored.
Is this the normal behaviour for MinGW or am I missing something fundamental?  I couldn't find much info on resources in the docs and what I did find didn't really help.
I've tried many different things from calling ld explicitly to converting all files back to rc and creating a file to include all the others (for some reason windres writes rc files that it can't read.  Very strange).
If this is not just an oversight by me, then a lot of MinGW users will have had to learn to deal with it,  I'd appreaciate any input that can be thrown my way.
Of course, there are options involving external tools (from parsing algorithms to correct the output of windres, to simply using a different set of resource tools), but I'm interested in ideas involving only tools supplied with MinGW (not MSYS).