i have both win2000 and win98... i have found for
COMSPEC that using win2000 is much better
than using win98 due to win2000's cmd.exe
i have done couple of things to improve win9x
that i thought i might share... these should
work for both win95cmd.exe and dos-box (i apologize
if any of these things have already been discussed)
- for these tips to work, edit msys.bat and change
start sh --login -i
sh --login -i
- edit msys shortcut and go into 'misc' tab....
disable "Fast pasting"... otherwise pasting 
from clipboard will not work 
- in the same tab, disable "warn if still active"
this will not prompt you when u try to close
the window
- in the same tab enable "Quick edit" this 
will allow you to select text in the same
way you can in win2000, by click-n-drag
without having to press "mark"
- go into the program tab and click "close on
- go into memory and change initial
environment, i'm not sure of the default,
but i know its very low and sometimes causes
problem in some scripts... change to
at least 1024
- depending on what program you are using
for ssh, you may have trouble when using
ssh... it may not prompt you for password..
to fix this, just get ssh keys working
so you don't need to use a password
- speed is a little slower in win9x, not
a big problem though
- one thing i am having trouble with is scroll
bar, i got win95cmd.exe and consize from
and it works fine in command.com mode,
but as soon as i start msys, and i type a
command that would give lots of lines,
eg. 'tar --help' .. it would not scroll
automatically, but instead any new
lines would overwrite the last line,
i think i did bring the scrollbar issue up
and someone tried to help me but he
wasn't using win98... if anyone knows
how to fix please tell me..
other than the scroll bar issue, these
things should give similar
functionability as win2k.